Bibliotherapy - First Intake 30m

Bibliotherapy - First Intake 30m

Bibliotherapy - First Intake 30m

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Books can have a big impact on our happiness with a great deal of research on the benefits of our wellbeing. Bibliotherapy, or Book Therapy, is a paced and guided. coaching to help people heal through challenging and emotional times.

There is a lot of research on how books are good for our emotional well being. Bibliotherapy consists in the reading of specific texts with the purpose of healing.

Helping you live the life you were meant to lead before the other stuff got in the way. Helping you connect with your true purpose.

If you want to:
- Stop procrastinating
- Overcome anxiety and self-doubt
- Learn to manage your personal finances
- Get in touch with your true purpose
- Cope with loss
- Cope with breakup/divorce


About the coach

Erica is the founder of Women Plot. She is an avid reader, mentor and coach. She is trained in bibliotherapy as a mean to leverage the soothing power of books and reading while we go through life. 

How it works

Free First Intake 30m - 15 EUR downpayment - refunded if you don't want to start after the intake

Three sessions (once a month) = 99 EUR

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