"Sister Nature" by Jess de Boer (English Edition)

"Sister Nature" by Jess de Boer (English Edition)

"Sister Nature" by Jess de Boer (English Edition)

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Jess de Boer is a farmer, beekeeper and lifelong student of the soil.

A Kenyan Citizen of Dutch descent born and raised in Nairobi she has spent the last decade working across the East and Horn of Africa in the Regenerative Agriculture space.

Jess retains a focus on facilitating the mainstream adoption of integrated land use practices across both tropical and dry-land (ASAL) landscapes and is committed to shaping the development of a regenerative African story; making farming cool again.

In 2014 she won the Africa Book Club Short Reads competition with her story 'The Honey Man' and in 2016 went on to publish her first book 'The Elephant and the Bee'. 'Sister Nature' will be her second book.

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