"Other People's Beds " by Anna Punsoda (English Edition)

"Other People&

"Other People's Beds " by Anna Punsoda (English Edition)

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Pre-order for October. In her debut title, Other People’s Beds, Anna Punsoda shines a light onto the darkest corners of the soul with a clean, sharp prose that is punchy, devastating, and tender at the same time. Punsoda beautifully highlights her protagonist's body, a body that has been carved out of stone by her father’s alcoholism and her mother’s frustrated apathy. This character’s stolen innocence leads to her to losing herself in other people’s beds. As shocking and sad as it is funny and liberating, Anna Punsoda’s Other People’s Beds has won unanimous plaudits in her native Catalonia. This powerful debut is written so beautifully and with such ease and fludity that Punsoda is most definitely one to watch

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