Tips to self-publish your book

by Erica Surace

By self-publishing, it means to write and sell the book online, outside the traditional publishing industry. Self-publishing is different from the conventional publishing industry, in which publishing companies pay authors. They get a royalty of their book, and publishers work for the book's design and editing. Self-publishing is a different thing because the writer has to do for the book publishing and its distribution without hiring a traditional publisher in the market. Some of the essential steps through which you can publish your book are here:

  1. Write the book
  2. Edit the script
  3. Cover designing and internal format
  4. Self-publishing of an eBook
  5. Master the kindle store
  6. Market your book
  7. Book launch

Learn more about how to publish your book online.

  1. Turn your story into a book.

It is entirely comfortable and straightforward for a writer to write down your story in the form of a book. Then comes the step to publish, print, and sell your book. It can be done online; there are plenty of platforms to publish your book for free. Similarly, selling is not a big deal because choosing a bookstore or any other vendor online can easily do this task. A writer can develop his website to promote his book. It will be the best way to introduce your book at a broad level.

  1. Sell it on social media.

It is simple to write and self-publish a book in few minutes. It is entirely free for all the writers, and you can get guidance through the procedure from the manuscript to the cover design. If you want to get your book copy, you can order a book from a single document. Several book publishers and vendors can do this task for you online. If you want to go for free, you can choose social media for this purpose, since social media is getting fame. The majority of the people have made their IDs on different social networks, promoting their books.

  1. Choose a service for publishing and selling online.

Now, it is time to sell your book directly to your fans through your website, social media, or other channels. You will get a high margin per copy that is sold. Keep your customer data. On the other hand, some vendors provide widgets and purchase buttons that you can utilize through social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. On social media, your family, friends, and fans can spread the word using these widgets.

  1. Free publishing

Several services offer their services from start to bottom. They take your books to publish without charging any amount because they do not have any stock. You can start with just one copy with them. They will print your book on the order of the customer and deliver it directly.


Book writing and publishing are a new thing today because people with a reliable internet connection can write a book and get a hundred readers. It is entirely free of charge. The new challenge is to make things easier.