How to Promote a Self-Published Book

by Erica Surace

Promoting your book entails attracting your target audience's attention by communicating more about your book and yourself. It involves lots of work. In this write-up, I will share seven ideas that will improve your book's visibility among your intended audience and help you make more sales. But remember, you need the discipline to make it work as success does not come cheap. Exercise the same diligence with your book promoting as you would in your writing.


1. Own a website or blog

Your blog or website can help readers find you even before you finish writing your book. Keep your site up to date with write-ups that can show up on your audience's search results. 

 2. Increase your online presence

There are different means by which you can achieve this. For instance, you can post your feature on well-known sites that receive a lot of traffic. You can also share ideas on forums that discuss topics connected to your book.

Always include a link to your website, the book you have written, or presently writing on your byline.  

3. social media

Open an account with Twitter and an author page with Facebook. Observe the kind of posts and promotions that get the most likes, shares, and retweets. While posting or retweeting, apply insights from your book to increase your social media following and be more engaging in your responses. 


4. Check out the most popular books in your genre — Find out what helps them sell?

Studying the best books is very beneficial as it will enable you to contact phrases and words that connect with and characterize your target audience as you read their reviews. 

5. Seek reviews for your book

One of the easiest means to get reviews for your new book is to meet your previous reviewers with a free copy of your book and politely request a review.

You could check for top reviewers on Amazon and engage those who have reviewed books from your genre if you are a first-time author.

6. Write an attractive book blurb

 A short yet descriptive piece of about 100–150 words is known as a book blurb. It always on at back cover of print books and online sales pages.

Writing a useful blurb begins with a brilliant opening line that stares at the reader's curiosity and makes them read more.

7.Get a professional cover design service

people will scarcely look at a book whose cover is too busy, has jarring colors and typeface, or looks unpolished and unprofessional? A well-designed body is crucial to a book's salability, and this can be quickly arrived at using a professional book design service.

In Conclusion

Authors who publish through a traditional publisher have little promotion to book sales. The publisher takes care of book marketing and distribution, arranges for editorial reviews, book launch signing events, and other promotional strategies. On the other hand, self-publishing authors have to seek things out for themselves, drawing advice and inspiration from as many sources as possible.



Image by Melk Hagelslag from Pixabay