Deep Dive in the Chick Lit world with writer Lea Landucci

by Erica Surace

Tell us a little about yourself: what do you do? How did your passion for reading start?

I’m an actress and a teacher of theatrical improv, a writer, a blogger but also an informatic engineer and a social media architect. Reading has always been a way to escape for me, to virtually live in new worlds where stories flow without me being able to control them.

How was ChickLit Italia born?

In 2018 I discovered that a blog about the Chick Lit genre was not existing, and it was my favorite genre. So I decided to fill in this gap that had been left for way too long.

What made you passionate about Chick Literature?

The cohabitation of romance and sentimentality with a strong modern side, real, credible and deep. The chance to talk about serious topics but trying to play them down with respect thanks to humor and funny situations.

How has the “transition” from reader to writer been for you?

I have always told stories, mostly in the theater, but also in all of the other parts of life. One day I asked myself if it was possible to make use of the abilities I acquired in twenty years of studies and theatre practice to tell stories on paper, instead of on the stage. In particular I threw myself in footprint writing, without any schemas, structure and with preconstructed characters, exactly like in theatrical improv. I have to say that I’m having so much fun!

How do you perceive the world of publishing? Did you expect it to be different from what it turned out to be?

When I start to take my first steps in a new environment, the first thing that I need to do is study. Before I self-published and then I published with Sperling & Kupfer for me the dynamics of these worlds were pretty clear. With self-publishing I didn’t expect the affection my community overwhelmed me with and in my experience with the editorial house I didn’t expect that much professionality, in many fields, which positively surprised me.

Often romance is seen as a mainly female genre and as ‘less important’ than others, why do you think that is?

Because often people think that culture needs to be difficult and complex, not for everyone. Just like that it can have a value. I think it’s the exact opposite. I think that giving people that didn’t read a chance to get closer to reading is a revolutionary act, socially and culturally crucial. Romance is an entertainment genre, that’s able to stimulate curiosity, the deepening of important and daily topics. It’s a medium that instigated dreaming.