The Importance of Editing Before Your Manuscript Gets Published

by Erica Surace


Editing is exceptionally vital in writing. It is an essential step in the entire writing procedure. It includes measures to check out any repetition, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary errors. The importance of editing cannot be over-emphasized, and there are several reasons behind it. It does not only help in eliminating the typos but also refines your work. It makes your writing clearer and helps to identify minute errors quickly. Despite how tiresome and boring the process of editing can be, in the end, it always brings out a great deal of enjoyment. Some of the importance of editing is as follows:

  1. The First Impression Counts:

Editing can help you in making an excellent first impression. We are all aware of the essence of the first impression. For example, a poorly presented thesis shows a lack of confidence. Suppose a candidate's thesis has improper formatting. In that case, minute errors in referencing, mistakes in figures or graphs, variation in chapters, headings, or capitalization mistakes, all these signs won't give the examiner a good impression. Similarly, book proposals and manuscripts that do not fulfill the required criteria are always rejected by publishers. Thus, to make an excellent first impression and to save your writings from being turned down, you must undergo the process of editing

  1. To Create Lasting Value:

Value is one of the most potent reasons which emphasizes the importance of editing. A page printed once is unchangeable. Getting readers to your writings is not an easy task. You have to produce something extraordinarily unique and eye-catchy to attract readers. To create a lasting value for your write-up, it is expedient to edit your work before it gets to print. However, if you have a webpage online, you can as well edit frequently. Hence, here editing is essential.

  1. A Polished Piece of Writing:

Writers are sometimes terrible at identifying errors in their papers. Due to their commitment to work and knowledge of what they meant to say, they are blind to their mistakes. Errors also lessen the overall flow of writing, which results in producing a dull end product. In overcoming this problem, editing is essential as no one can deliver 100% mistake-free content in their first attempt. The second pair of editing is necessary to correct all the typographical and other types of errors to achieve a polished writing piece.

  1. Clear and Coherent Message:

Another importance of editing is that it ensures that your message is expressed concisely, coherently, and clearly. In editing, we don't change our theme or ideas but enhance our feature's logic and flow. We ensure that all our arguments and opinions are expressed with clarity so that the message can be quickly delivered and understood by others.

Final Thoughts:

Undoubtedly, writing is a flexible and long-term process. If you want to produce a quality piece of writing so, you should have excellent editing skills. Writers cannot neglect editing in the writing process. To be a good writer, you need to undergo editing to work on your weak areas and produce the perfect writing piece.


Image by Silvia Crestani from Pixabay