Steps to take if you want to write a book

by Erica Surace

Writing is not always easy for the Writers even. The majority of people feel it hard to write a book since always a point comes while book writing when you get stuck. You are not alone. Writing is still the most challenging parts for the majority of the writers. Still, luckily, there are some highly effective techniques for how to begin writing a book overcoming these obstacles.

The majority of the people face these hurdles because they are feeling overwhelmed. It is natural, but it can distract you, and you cannot focus on your points. Remember, you need to make a start with the first page. Your start must be attention-grabbing. Some of the important steps to write a book are here.


Create a plan

Take a start by creating a plan for how you will complete your book. It is the step on which most of the authors fail since they focus on writing a book, but they never set their schedule. You have already planned the theme of your book. Now, you need to gather your data on which you have to write down. Complete your search first and sketch organizing the book.


Start writing

After completing planning, research work and sketching, it is the time to write. Now, you need to concentrate on the topics on which you are going to write. The start of the book must be attention catchy. It must grab the interest of the reader. Your text must be precise with the easy to understand sentences, phrases and choice of the words.



Once, you have written your book; it is vital to proofread it. Now, you are a reader, so read your article as a reader. You will think o lessons, stories, and additional chapters and some other points. You know very well how to cover your mistakes.



It is one of the most important steps in book writing. Once, you have completed with all your tasks; then you need to hire an editor for editing. Avoid editing your book. With the errors and mistakes, you will be distracted from the narrative. Hire someone who can read the book, suggest proofread and edits. In this way, you will be able to make it professional. But, keep in mind that editors are not 100% perfect but, they can do a great job with a better editing experience and fresh eyes than you could.



Now, it is time to publish the book. Do an instant search online to locate some companies that can assist with self-publishing. There are several cost-effective platforms online that can help you.



Around the launch of your book, plan a fanfare. There should be a launch party. It is one of the best options that can help you promote your book in and beyond your circle.



Good writing is not only enough to create a wonderful book. Some other factors are involved in it like proofreading, editing and publishing. So, you need to focus on all steps when writing a book.



Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash