How to publish your book on Kindle - a guide with tips and tricks

by Erica Surace

So, you are going to publish your book online. It is your story, and these are your words, a tale of woe and pathos, transformation, death, sex, violence, action, lodging, or heartbreaking. Its overarching message resonates deeply with the reader. You want to publish your work, and then you need to introduce it in the traditional market. But, the case is the opposite in the internet world.

The online industry allows you to publish your book online, and the readers are available here without a doubt. Writers do not need to rely on publishers and agents to consider their work and then publish it here. Kindle is your ultimate option to go. It allows you to publish a non-fiction masterpiece, essay, or novel without making much effort.

Why Choose Kindle?

It is a series of tablets and eReaders that Amazon offers. In Parallel, the company constructs a book and allows all the writers to access the billion readers around the world. Along with the Kindle device, you can access the app that is available for the smartphone platform, web browser, and some others. It is a user-friendly platform that works for the benefits of the writers.

How to use a Kindle?

If you visit Amazon, there are multiple accounts created, and accidentally it indicates that you are a new user when you go for signing in. It generates another new account with the same email address but with a unique password. When you sign in to an account, you cannot view or edit the other account.

To fix this, you can sign out of the one account, and then you need to sign in the other one with the password and email relevant to it with your Kindle account. The entire procedure to use the Kindle is highly comfortable and safe. The majority of the writers use this app to publish and access the readers without making much effort. It is ideal for new users also because the application comes with the easy to use interface. They do not need to take any professional guidance for it.

Create a paperback of your published eBook

After signing up in the Kindle and making an account, you can go to your bookshelf and get your eBook Click on the button +create paperback. Kindle updates your paperback details with the details you provide when you set up your ebook. Writers can edit these details and set distribution and separate price options for the supported marketplace for your paperback.

Upload your book

Now, it is time to upload your book file, and you can create a title on your bookshelf. Now, you can make book details, and it is ready to upload your file.

  • Get the book on your bookshelf on Kindle
  • Continue setup
  • Click on the Paperback content tab or Kindle eBook content
  • Click on upload paperback manuscript or click upload eBook manuscript
  • It will upload your file, and you will get the new version on your Kindle app.

Final verdict

The use of the Kindle is the right option for new and experienced writers. The scope of publishing books in the traditional market is finished by now. It is better to publish your books online.


Photo by Quentin Schulz on Unsplash