10 writing prompts for your next book: what should I write?

by Erica Surace

Writing a book is a lengthy process. It is not a task that you can complete in one go. It needs many things to do even before taking a start. There are several factors that you need to focus on like world, characters, situation and idea. But, often the story runs out of steam, it needs your concentration as well as the appropriate plot of the book.

About plot

It is a sequence of events, and with the help of this sequence, the writer learns about the characters, setting and moral of the story.

A professional writer writes books that ingenious levels of literary resonance, add subtext and themes, juggle characters, subplots and others. All the writers are not similar, and they do not work in the same way. Two writers will write differently on the same plot; if they are assigned to choose a plot on the same topic, then their plot will be different from each other. It is the factor that makes an author different from the other.

Plot ideas

If your brain is storming with plenty of ideas or you are stuck at a point, then you can try the following plot ideas to write your next book. Some are realistic, and some are wild. Others are comical. It is up to you that which idea suits your writing nature and style. The point is for you to describe the story differently. You can ask yourself what to write and how to write. Some of the essential plot ideas are here.

  1. A man is facing some mental issues like a psychological disorder.
  2. A grown man has an imaginary friend
  3. You're the first man giving birth
  4. Congratulations: you won a baby!
  5. Space mermaids
  6. Life inside someone's brain
  7. If there is no internet in our lives?
  8. It's August 1st, the snow won't stop falling
  9. Every human on the planet is forced to trade lives with someone else once a year (source: https://writingprompts.tumblr.com/)
  10. You have 10 days to live

A plot is one of the most vital components of a story. It contains several different objectives. The plot focuses attention on the major and minor characters and their roles. It is the plot that sticks to the mind of the readers, and they love to read the story again and again. So, the plot must be interesting if you want to grab the reader’s interest.

The function of the plot in the book

With the help of an organized, unique and exciting plot, the writer can handle his story. Plot motivates the characters to affect the story and connects the events in an orderly manner. It generates the desire for the reader to go on reading by understanding them in them. With the help of the solid plot, a writer takes the story to its climax by maintaining the reader’s interest. During the book’s plot, a reader gets emotionally involved, and he connects with the story.