Best female authors of all time

by Erica Surace

Reading is beneficial in many terms. Books are the primary sources to make stories. These are the right ways to connect people with a new world. It prevents cognitive decline in the majority of the people, and they learn to fight against depression. Book reading is suitable for those who are facing loneliness or living a retired life. In this way, they get rid of their stress and depression.

The majority of people love reading books, stories, and novels. They attach emotionally with books and increase empathy. Several things are related to reading. Readers love books as well as authors. Some of the all-time favorite authors are here.


Margaret Atwood

Who does not know this legend? Margret Atwood is a famous author in the late 80s. Her popular novel Handmaid’s Tale, was published in 1985. She took inspiration for the novel from the incidents and other things during 1970 and 1980. It was the time when there is a rise of the Christian right in America. The novel got fame around the globe. No doubt, she is an all-time favorite author. At this age, she was loved by most readers, and there are people of all ages in his fan bank.


Agatha Christie

You may know this queen of mystery because she is a famous novelist in the world of literature. With her mysterious lines, she has surprised, confused, and duped a million readers. Throughout her career, she is famous for her unique style of writing. Her novel, “And then there were none,” is a masterpiece and has become now a part of the schools' syllabus. There are plenty of people in her followers and fan bank. Her books are in great demand still in this present age when people prefer reading e-books.


Barbara Cartland

She is the top name of offering several books. She has written about seven hundred twenty-three novels during her career. In the Guinness World Records, she is referenced for publishing the most novels in 12 months. About seven hundred fifty million copies of her work have been publishing and sold. In her fan bank, people of all ages are there. They love reading her books and admire her for her unique and exciting writing style.


Toni Morrison

She is an American and a famous book editor, essayist, novelist, and college professor too. Her first novel, The Blue Eye, got fame around the globe. She was rewarded the National Book Critics Circle Award by the government. For the majority of the people life of the author is more attractive as compared to her books. She is famous for her services in literature. People who can read English literature around the globe love reading her books. There is a huge list of her novels, but some of them are Jazz, Sula, A mercy, Song of Solomon, and Beloved.


The majority of people love them for their unique writing styles and impressive stories. Their masterpiece books are easy to access online. Today, most people like to read books online, so these are available on the web.



Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash